The APEX Airborne Pushbroom Imaging Spectrometer

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2008 May 05: blog concerningexternal image rechthaben.gif the PAF software development. to subscribe the blog please write an email to andreas.hueni at

2008 Apr : The video of the first APEX take off - fradel fradel

2007 Feb 07: The APEX mechanical baseplate has been built - fradel fradel
2006 Jul 19: APEX@IGARSS (IEEE Int. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium)
  1. Evaluation of near-UV/blue Aerosol Optical Thickness Retrieval from Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery, F.C.Seidel et al.
2006 Jul 19: APEX@isprs (WG VIII/3) Workshop on Remote Sensing of Aerosols
  1. Near-UV/blue aerosol retrieval for hyperspectral remote sensing with high spatial resolutionexternal image schuheaufrechnung.gif: an evaluation, F.C.Seidel et al.
2005 Oct 30: Jens Nieke 2 months visiting @CEReS (Japan) - jbrazile jbrazile Nov 4, 2005
2005 Oct 27: Final APEX instrument CDR meeting @HTS - jbrazile jbrazile Oct 30, 2005
2005 Oct 14: Added more detailed Technical Information - jbrazile jbrazile Oct 14, 2005
2005 Sep 19: APEX@SPIE Remote Sensing Europe - jnieke jnieke Aug 4, 2005
  1. Calibration facility for the airborne imaging spectrometers APEX, B. Suhr et al.
  2. Theoretical analysis of the aerosol retrieval capabilities for APEX airborne sensor, F.C.Seidel et al.
  3. Radiative transfer model STORM for full Stokes vector calculations for a plane parallel atmosphere-surface-system, U. Boettger et al.
2005 Aug 17: 7 ton calibration table delivered @DLR - jbrazile jbrazile Sep 23, 2005
2005 Aug 11: Lab calibration progress meeting @DLR - jbrazile jbrazile Aug 22, 2005
2005 Jul 07: Lab calibration progress meeting @DLR - jbrazile jbrazile Jul 18, 2005
2005 Jul 05: Instrument progress meeting #8 @HTS - jbrazile jbrazile Jul 18, 2005


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